Welcome to Nizamia Andalusia School


Nizamia Andalusia School recognizes the importance of childern as the foundation for Indonesia’s future generation. Our dedicated teachers and supporters work closely ini bringing world class quality education to every students. The goal is improve the childern’s abilities and talents to face the 21st century challenges. Ultimately this would prepare our students to be great Indonesia’s future leaders with good Islamic role models.

“Rumah Kami Kedua” is a tagline given by parents back in 2009. The tagline iyself shows that Nizamia Andalusia School prioritizes student’s comfort during their time at school. Students would enjoy their learning processand thus accomplish optimum result.

Therefore in August 2014, Nizamia Andalusia School officially moved to its new building at Bambu Apus. Unlike before, the new building houses both pre-school ( from Prapanca) and primary school  (from Kalibata). In 2015, the addition of middle school completes Nizamia Andalusia’s Family.

This new building provides multiple benefits to improve the health, well being and comfort of it’s occupants. The Improvement in these areas catalyzes productivity and learning process.

That is exactly what we aimed in designing our new school building. Abudance natural light, fresh air and clear views stimulate productivity, positive energy, inspiration and thus create better learning environment.

Inspired by the glory of Islam in Andalusia for centuries, we built a place that makes people (especially childern) feel at home. The design itself bring tons of philosophies and hopes, such as the transparents roof (allowing sunshine and moon light to pass through) symbolizes the knowledge that  will light people’s life. The marble-floores corridor aims to remind us to corridors in Masjidil Haram, Makkah, a good reminder that Allah will always be with us, wherever we are.



Menjadi sekolah Islam yang menyelenggarakan pendidikan berkualitas tinggi dengan membangun kecerdasan dan karakter berdasarkan rukun (rukun) Iman, rukun Islam dan rukun Ihsan dalam semangat nasionalisme dan universalisme.


Mempromosikan pendidikan berdasarkan Islam, kurikulum nasional dan internasional dengan Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris sebagai media pembelajaran untuk menciptakan karakter yang setia, saleh, mulia, dan untuk membina pemimpin Indonesia masa depan dengan karakter Islam yang baik dan identitas nasional yang kuat.



Nizamia Andalusia School