Leadership development is a key part of healthy adolescent development and should be taught from the earliest ages.

Realizing the importance of leadership training for youth, Nizamia Andalusia School together with “Kaki Langit” out-bond training will organize the Basic Leadership Training (LDK) in Cisarua on 18-20 October 2017.

The Program aimed to encourage the students leadership skills as well as brace their ability to manage time, work as team, set goals, start conversations, and make effective presentations.

Basic Leadership Training Program encourage healthy adolescent growth by providing young people the ability to analyze their own strengths and weakness; to set personal and vocational goal; and to gain the self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and abilities to carry out those goals.

This Learning includes the ability to establish support networks to fully participate in community life and effect positive social change.

The Program also provides youths with the ability to guide or direct others on a course of action and serve as a role models to others.



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