Healthy Day “Veggie is Yummy”

The next was a presentation by ibu Ami, a grade 4 teacher. In around a half hour, she shared a useful knowledge about colorful vegetables that each color represent certain benefits for human health. Ibu Rani and bu Nieken from Parents Association, also took a part in the event by giving a 30 minute short play talking about junk food and vegetable. Pak Deni and Ibu Ika as MCs, ended the event by asking Ibu Dini as Nizamia’s Principal, to give an appreciation for Ibu Rani and Ibu Niken as their part to cheer up the day. The peak of the event, of course, the announcement of the winners. First was The Best Vegetable Eaters from each class.

This activity had been done three days before, 19-22 November, to find three pulils who could eat all vegetables from their lunch menu. And Second was The Best Vegetable Sculpture finding three best vegetable-made creation from each class. All the winners got very funny pins and medals created by Pak Wiwit. A bunch of thanks to all Nizamia’s Parents, in their busy and tight schedules, they were able to spare their times and energy to participate in this year Healthy Day especially in helping their children preparing for the vegetable sculpture. Thank you so much for all the teachers and staffs and big thanks also for the pupils, way to go pupils!

( Grade IV teacher, Ibu Ami )